Nicodemus Scheelings

Athlete Stats


Geelong, Australia





Favourite Excercise

Handstand pushups

Athlete Bio

Nic was always interested in sports growing up playing AFL, Cricket and Hockey. He also had an early interest in strength training and started going to a gym, lifting weights and training in the more mainstream boring approach. It was when he started working at Melbourne Uni gym as a fitness instructor that he was introduced to other aspects of fitness by another staff member. This staff member was a pole vaulter who used many gymnastics type exercises in his training, including L-pullups, L-sits etc... After training with this guy Nic realised he was nowhere near as strong as he thought he was and this started a love affair with bodyweight conditioning. He soon bought his own pair of rings and started to work basic strength routines, like muscle ups and levers. Soon after this he met another person who got him interested in joining an adult gymnastics class where he has become a regular member over the last four years, expanding into training all areas of gymnastics and even competing in masters competitions.

Nic is also interested in Olympic weightlifting and combines this with gymnastics as his two major forms of training. He is currently in his last year of a physiotherapy degree.