Matt Chow

Athlete Stats


Calgary, Alberta





Favourite Excercise

Muscle Up

Athlete Bio

Matt started training with free weights in high school. Realizing quickly that free weight training for vanity's sake was poor endeavor nor produced appreciable gains in real functional skill, he began a 4 year journey into competitive foil fencing in the Alberta circuit, the martial arts of Muay Thai kickboxing and Krav Maga, and later a short summer of classical ballet at the Alberta Ballet School.

Seeing the functional gains from callisthenic exercise inspired him to seek a new challenge—gymnastics. Calgay's Altadore Gymnastics club was where his first attempt at the muscle up on rings was made—which failed miserably. Extensively researching, reading, and watching as much gymnastic material available, Matt established his drive to attain mastery of movement by pursuing a process of developing a strong foundation of gymnastic skills.

It was only when his path crossed with Lachlan Walker at the Capital city gymnastics club in Edmonton, Alberta and the University of Alberta gymnastics centre that it truly ignited his drive into passion for pushing his comfort zones to make serious gains with the gymnastics still rings and other apparatuses.

The fraternity and its members has served as his constant inspiration, and humble reminder to keep moving forward, to be a master of movement, and to revel in the beauty and patient process of becoming "pressive".