Luciano Galati

Athlete Stats


Sydney, Australia





Favourite Excercise

Press to handstand from any position

Athlete Bio

Luciano born in 1991, always admired the physical capabilities and absolute strength of gymnasts and circus folk. He was told that he was "too old" to start gymnastics, told he did not have a "basic foundation" to compete, however possessed the determination to prove those people wrong.

As his physical condition and fitness increased with age he began to become more and more interested and involved with gymnastic coaching and apparatus. Luciano is competing as an Open Level 6 gymnast this year and his long term goal is to compete in the NSW State Championship.

His flexibility and strength hit a plateau, that is until he was taken under the wing of the fabled Charl-Pierre Jacobs, and under his guidance Luciano's technique, flexibility and strength have increased dramatically. Favourite apparatus include High bar and Pommel Horse.