Lachlan Walker Ring Fraternity Profile

Lachlan Walker

Athlete Stats


Hobart, Australia





Favourite Excercise

Iron Cross

Athlete Bio

Lachlan started training weights at 15, and moved up to rings at 18. Lachlan and his brother (Matthew) always found back flips intriguing. Initially they began flipping into the pool and then, wanting to refine their technique, found a local gymnastics centre. While here, Lachlan noticed the rings and thought 'how hard could it be?'. Attempting a muscle up with no previous experience, he could only chin up. Disgusted at this lack of strength, he approached a coach to ask for advice. He gave Lachlan a few exercises to work on and in 2 weeks Lachlan achieved the muscle up. Satisfied with this progress, Lachlan enquired about more difficult skills on the rings and was told about the back lever. Since then, as his skills grew he became more and more passionate about the rings.

This has now led to him co-founding The Ring Fraternity, amongst other successes such as travelling to Canada to train at Capital City Gymnastics and meeting Jordan Jovtchev at Muscle Beach, Santa Monica. Lachlan is currently working toward the Maltese Cross and press out of iron cross, amongst other skills.