Kevin Phang Ring Fraternity Profile

Kevin Phang

Athlete Stats


Selangor, Malaysia





Favourite Excercise

Straddle maltese press to knee workout

Athlete Bio

Kevin Phang developed his passion for health and fitness in 2005. He came from a background in recreational bodybuilding and the occasional interest in physically demanding workouts such as cross fit training and rock climbing. Kevin was inspired following a close encounter with Lachlan, before Lachlan travelled to USA/Canada in early 2010. After witnessing a "true" muscle-up Kevin decided to direct his efforts towards achieving basic gymnastic skills such as the muscle-up and handstand. Upon Lachlan arriving back in Australia in March 2011, Kevin demonstrated his first muscle up albeit imperfect to Lachlan and began training. Following several intense and painfully enjoyable sessions, 'I witnessed true dedication from Lachlan in all aspects of gymnastics. I then decided to create a "fraternity without borders", motivated by similar interests and support to each other in still rings and other aspects of gymnastics.' Hence the Ring Fraternity was founded.

Since then, my growing desire for a "pressive" workout has helped me progress, gradually developing physical and mental skills I would never have achieved in the beginning. I have been able to appreciate the true value of gymnastics. On a personal note, I am proud that Lachlan has embraced the Ring Fraternity, constantly improving and reaching new heights with unrelenting support and "pressivating" efforts from some very dedicated frats.

Current interests: Integrating and adapting workouts related to achieving strength skills for still rings and floor.